It is that time of year! Summer yoga at Sunset Point has arrived. Here are some reasons why you should come take your practice outside.

  1. The terrain pushes your boundaries – the uneven ground adds an extra challenge to your practice while at the same time providing you with a calming atmosphere to achieve your zen.
  2. You feel connected to your neighborhood – you are surrounded by nature and feel a sense of community, togetherness and friendship in a place that everybody enjoys.
  3. Lots of floor space – there is enough space for everyone to breathe, stretch and have a feeling of freedom. You are also connected to the earth, “grounding” yourself lowering the risk of heart problems, pain and stress.
  4. It is just beautiful – being down by the water, seeing the Inukshuk and even feeling the grass on your toes all help to inspire you during your practice. This provides you with a sensation of joy and gratitude for the stunning summer weather we are blessed to have.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat Thursday nights at 7pm at Sunset Point, by the Inukshuk in Collingwood.