Meditation – Be Mindful of you Body, Mind and Spirit

    Meditation is a beautiful ancient healing practice that can be performed by everyone. Simply put, the definition of Mindful Meditation is : Paying Attention to the Present Moment with Curiosity and Non Judgement. With our lives becoming faster and more complex, this gentle yet powerful practice can deeply affect our wellbeing and peace of mind. We can think of Mindful Meditation as having the mentality of becoming fully present with your experiences and to fully be yourself. We are all unique and through the practice we can work on cultivating kindness and patience with ourselves healing challenges, emotional and physical issues and create clarity in our lives.

Class Schedule :

Monday evenings 8pm ( 45min to 1 hour) – two 6 week sessions leading up to the Holidays,

*September 27th to November 8th (no class on Canadian Thanksgiving Oct 11th)

*November 15th to December 20th

Pricing  – Each 6 week session as a package = $67.80                                                                           – Drop in = $16.95

Payment by e-Transfer at then I will send you a Zoom Link for the classes.






I wanted to list some common misconceptions about Mindful Meditation that might ease your mind and answer some questions you may have that are holding you back or creating resistance when it comes to trying this practice or continuing with this practice.

1- That your mind should be clear/empty – Mindfulness does not erase thoughts. The practice focuses on becoming more aware. This includes the thoughts we have. There is no pressure to control thoughts or being without them. The idea is to be excepting of every part of your unique experience.

2- In Mindful Meditation I need to feel …… –  You may have thought you need to feel peace and bliss and that’s it. Sure you may discover and allow yourself to relax into this space but by thinking there is only this right way to feel, you may feel disappointment. Experiences may not all be pleasant and Mindfulness can help discover what is true and maybe not that comfortable. The power of this practice is that you will be shown how to cultivate that compassion for yourself no mater what comes up. A full range of experience is welcome. This can be very healing and nourishing for your body and soul.

3- There is more then just Thinking –  Most people lead with thinking. They rely on this solely for getting through daily situations, conflicts and decision making.  Mindfulness is transformative as it helps people open up to other ways of perceiving and knowing. Through feel, sensation and imagination this can be a very new experience for people.

4- I Can’t Do This! , I am always distracted –  This I would say is one of the most common misconceptions. Distraction is 100% part of the practice. There is no reason for feelings of guilt or frustration. It is all about Curiosity and building Confidence. When the mind wonders, that is ok and just gently make your way back to instruction and begin again.

5- It is all Serious –  Perhaps people feel there is a lot of focus on concentration so it must all be serious. Think of mindfulness as opening up to what is naturally there. If one puts to much pressure on oneself then tension and stress will be the outcome rather then organically practicing concentration with the mentality of lightness, curiosity and non judgement.