Collingwood Defeat Depression Mental Health, Self Care and Wellness Event 2021

Join us Monday night May 3rd at 7:30pm as we come together via Zoom for a Gentle Yoga class that I will be teaching to help raise funds for the Collingwood Defeat Depression Mental Health, Self Care and Wellness Event. This is a Defeat Depression Campaign in support of Simcoe Peer Support for Mental Health and Addictions.

The Objectives of the Defeat Depression Campaign are to:
– Raise awareness, acceptance and understanding of mental illnesses
– Raise funds to support local mental health organizations provide services for individuals living with mental illness and their families
– Develop and share resources and supports
– Build a larger mental health network of communities
– Develop increased coordination between communities to defeat depression
– Grow the campaign to new communities
– Reduce stigma and create an environment that encourages people to come forward for early intervention and treatment

This will be a Gentle Hatha Vinyasa Yoga class for everyone. You can use a chair or mat for this practice as we stretch, strengthen and meditate through breath to promote relaxation to help prepare for rest and sleep. If using a chair have one if possible with no arms. Have a strap, belt or scarf handy that can be used to help for stretching, a cushion or yoga block on hand as well and water for hydration.

This is a donate/pay as you can event. To register please go on the campaign before 4pm on Monday May 3rd to get the Zoom access emailed to you.

Holiday Yoga Class Fundraiser for the Local Food Bank 2019


Mark your calenders and join Yoga First and Spa for a wonderful holiday yoga class on December 15th at 1pm. This event is open for everyone. We will practice together at the beautiful Red Scarf Equestrian Inc. 75 Ontario Street, Collingwood, Ontario. Please bring either non perishable food items or a cash donation that will go directly to our local food bank. A perfect time of year to pull together and help families for the holidays.

Wear comfy clothes, bring a mat and some water. We look forward to seeing you on the mat. Come at 12:30pm for a quick registration.


Power of Movement March 3rd 2019

Open Yoga Class: 1pm   All Are Welcome
Place: Central Park Arena – 85 Paterson St, Collingwood, Ontario (Mezzanine Room) 
Register: 12:30pm
Cost: By Donation

Yoga First and Spa is looking forward to hosting this Nation Wide Event helping to raise funds and awareness for the Arthritis Research Foundation.  Perhaps you or a loved one struggles with arthritis or one of the related autoimmune diseases.  Arthritis is an umbrella term for over 50 different, irreversible autoimmune conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, scleroderma, lupus and others.

Over 4.6 million Canadians live with arthritis or related autoimmune conditions, and there is no cure.  Support for the Arthritis Research Foundation fuels critical research that helps deliver more personalized, targeted treatments to those suffering from arthritis and autoimmune diseases.  Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment that takes into account genes, environment and lifestyle to match the right person to the right drug at the right time.  Mount Sinai Hospital’s Centre of Excellence in Precision Medicine for Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease is harnessing this emerging technology to create better outcomes for patients.

Join me for this amazing Power of Movement event as we come together for an afternoon practicing Yoga for a united cause.  Wear comfy clothes and bring a mat. Water will be provided.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See You On The Mat