Summer Zoom Yoga & Pilates Classes 2020

Zoom fitness classes are amazing as people from all over the world can join in and we can practice together. There is the option for you to turn your camera off if you want to be seen as a black screen. When class begins, everyone is muted so they only hear me. You are unmuted at the end so if anyone wants to chat with me or others in the class you can do so. People are not looking at each other, but on myself when I am teaching. It is a great way to practice anywhere inside or outside your home.

The Yoga is an authentic practice so no crazy gymnastic type postures. We work on breathe, strength, range of motion, focus, balance and some meditation.
Pilates is a mat work out as well with some low impact cardio, strength, and floor core work. It’s upbeat but still downtime for breathe and stretch as well.

All classes open for everyone of all different levels and backgrounds who live anywhere in the world. This could be a perfect time for you and your family to have fun together, or treat this as time for you.

If there are requests for more times we will look into adding more classes. If you are interested at all or know of friends or family that might want to join please let me know and I can add you and them to the email list and send you invites.

Please refer to the updated Classes page and Pricing page under Yoga & Pilates for more information on our Summer Zoom Class Schedule.

Hope to see you all on the mat🙏

Jennifer and Annabella Nocito